Appliance Sales

Appliance Sale businesses greatly benefit from marketing to homebuyers through Real Estate Agencies and online homebuyer marketplaces like Guidecomm.

One of the first things people look to update in a home is the appliances. Buyers really appreciate the Energy Star rebates and tax breaks on new appliances, too, so it makes sense to advertise your Appliance business through these outlets. The discounts that Appliance Stores offer to their customers vary.

Here are offers that have worked best for appliance store marketing:

Guidecomm advertisers should copy any one of these offers and enter it into the Offer Headline field, either in the app at My Info -> Manage Offers, or here for manual updating. Don’t forget to enter the corresponding dollar amount of your discount into the Max Offer field so your ad displays correctly.

As a reminder, we can’t give any legal advice and advertising rules and regulations change frequently and vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and you are responsible for ensuring any offers made to customers are compliant with your local laws.

For information about how easy and affordable it is to use Guidecomm to market your appliance business to homebuyers and homeowners,
and the advantages of marketing your home appliance business through Real Estate agencies, call 800-836-1982.