For Businesses

Our Community Guidebooks are custom branded for Real Estate Offices. They are handed out by Real Estate Professionals to homebuyers and homesellers. You’re reaching people who are new to the area, have money to spend, and don’t know where to go. When you reach them first, you get the best chance at making a lifetime customer.

Homebuyers have easy access to advertisers and can save thousands on their home purchase – all in one convenient place. It’s the best of both worlds – with the print product, users don’t even need to download the app to be able to call you! But once they do…….

Connections couldn’t be easier
Your business is just two touches away from a customer connection and a captured lead! The app opens up right to your local Featured Agency’s listings. When a customer clicks on your ad, the green Connect button is front and center. Once that button is pressed, you are notified instantly and can follow up with them immediately! The next screen prompts the user to either call, text, or email you. But even if they don’t, you still have their contact information and can still reach out to them!

But there’s much more
Upon local release, the app is marketed specifically to a highly targeted demographic of homebuyers, homeowners, and deal-seekers through Facebook, Twitter, Google, select radio buys, direct mail campaigns, streaming services, and many more social and traditional media outlets based upon your market’s best potential reach. So it’s not just realtors at that one agency sending business your way, now every homeowner and homebuyer in your area downloading the app to save money is finding you all on their own!

Guidecomm is changing the way homeowners save money. It’s never been easier to save thousands of dollars on a Real Estate purchase, and our Agent Engagement program ensures this resource is used and you have the best chance to get new business. Call 800-836-1982 to get started or use this form to start setting up your listing right now.